University Partners :


Richfield University is an another independent higher education institution located in the City of Canoga Park, State of California. Richfield is committed to promoting diversity and global awareness for the advocacy of peace and world welfare. It is committed to serve a diverse multicultural body of students and scholars in an atmosphere that promotes pride, respect, and teamwork. Richfield's learning community provides a learning climate that recognizes the value of originality and diversity, the richness of diverse thinking and dialog, the value of offering alternative perspectives and solutions, and the effectiveness of developing focused instructional content that will serve the needs of individual learners and their respected communities.
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Academic Partners :

Mahatma Gandhi Universe Institute - India

DDIT-MGUI with the main objective of providing reasonably priced quality education in the field of Engineering & Technology, & Management, has setup Colleges for which the group holds more than 60 acres of land. MGUI Institutes which promises to become one of Globe’s leading universities with an acknowledged reputation for excellence in research and teaching. It has emerged as global DDIT-MGUI with boasting distinctive strengths in education and entrepreneurship. The Management of the college foresee dramatic rise in youth unemployment and under employment; the shortage of badly-needed personnel in many skilled occupations; and the rising demand for new educational opportunities—all these factors during the past two decades have focused public attention on occupationally oriented education.


V Campus is a leading US based Education Company incorporated in the state of Delaware. V Campus is an eminent education and service provider comprising of rich portfolio of 'instructor led' and online courses through its global partners. We offer specialized diplomas and certification programs in fields like IT, Management, Vocational Training, Soft Skills, etc. Being present internationally, V Campus is able to offer world-class education opportunities, methodologies and international qualification. Backed by one of the finest education professionals, V Campus has a strong vision and to realize it, we have embarked on a business excellence initiative by developing Competencies to deliver superior quality and great support with a total customer orientation approach.


V-Learn has a rich heritage of providing quality education content in contemporary world leveraging advanced technologies to leading institutes in Global and abroad like MGU, Richfield University, V-Campus and Vidya Global. Needless to say it has achieved resounding success in all its ventures including professional education. V-Learn platform has been built from experience and collective feedback to identify and remove restraints on students' education, so that aspirants may enhance their capabilities and interests and enrich their full potential.


Technology Partners :


MahaNidhi Contents Solution Pvt. Ltd has a firm belief in quality and employs state-of-the-art technology and latest research methodologies to generate the most cost-effective business solutions for its clients. We also capitalize on the unique and compelling advantage that India offers to the world through highly skilled and experienced IT team, efficient development approach, and cost effectiveness. Our team adopts the best business practices that are being followed worldwide. Our experience enables our clients to affordably develop, capture, transform, enhance, publish, monetize and handle their content and equip themselves for future needs. With outstanding domain expertise in e-content development, publishing, distribution, and technological innovation, MahaNidhi Contents Solution Pvt. Ltd specializes in optimizing content solution. We can create, transform and format content from any source and distribute it through any medium – ranging from e-Readers and smart phones, to print, PCs, and tablets.

Media Partners :

Vidya Express - India

Vidya Express is a bilingual monthly magazine with a mission to bring about a difference in imparting information on education world. This magazine establishes a meeting point between different educationist from all around the world. Vidya Express provide new opportunities for creation, dissemination and exchange of experiences and multi, inter and trans disciplinary knowledge that serve for formulation and organization of a new, complex thinking and humanistic and philanthropic feeling to interpret the currently world, respecting their cultural diversity fully, because the peace, poverty eradication and sustainable development can only be the result of equity, sprouted from the appreciation and respect for cultural diversity.

Skills Partner :

Vidya Skills - India

Vidya Skills project is running under Care Educational & Welfare Society is working for the social welfare and education in the surroundings rural area in all the states of the India. The objective of this society is to provide education in the skill development sector. Skilling the unskilled and generating employment opportunities is the mission of this society. The society has a strong experience in skilling in the field of IT, Accountancy, Fashion Designing, Multimedia, Animation and many more.
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