Dr. Rajan Chopra

President/ Chancellor

Dear Students,
It is a moment of immense pleasure to welcome you at Mahatma Gandhi University, Rwanda. I am glad to note the efficiency of the University to provide the quality education to the students.
I may assure you that Mahatma Gandhi University is a place that will help you to fulfill your dreams by enhancing your potential for a successful career, as we strive to make education students-centric, flexible and success-oriented. Learning is a continuous process. For a developed nation, your role as a youth becomes increasingly important. We aspire to be a best university, to anticipate the needs of the future and meet them here and to create an environment that supports planning, tools and techniques for the education.
The University is following Credit Based Choice Based system that provides the flexibility to the students to choose their subjects. Institutions in all sectors of economy are now under great pressure to attain the global standard to continue improvement in performance, quality and merit. They are in search of leaders who have the right kind of skills, a positive attitude and the efficiency to adapt to a fast pace of change.
In Mahatma Gandhi University, we are committed to building excellence and entrepreneurial relationship based on advance technology of teaching to a greater height and we have succeeded to the expected extent. Therefore, all the Programmes have been structured in a unique way through wonderful learning experience linked with innovative and contemporary curriculum. University’s magnificent methodology of experiential learning through an emphasis on knowledge and more importantly the process, i.e. the dynamic aspects of how things happen will enable the students to acquire the relevant learning of various dimensions of Management, Science and Information Technology etc.
I welcome all the students and wish them brighter academic future.