Dr. Amit Kumar Jain
PH.D (Botony), NET,M.Sc., M.A. Education, B.ED, PGDNBT, PGDDE, SLS (London), FBS (India)
Students, who are fresh from schools, are more enthusiastic and excited about learning. So we strive to promote in students a sense of responsibility for their own development and an understanding of their obligations as members of a democratic society. The Institute fosters in students the desire to learn, the ability to think clearly and express them effectively, the habit of analytical and reflective thought, and an awareness of themselves, their heritage, other cultures, and their environment. Our constant endeavour is to facilitate learning programs so students are taught and are imparted education in a way they earn a name for themselves by scripting spectacular success stories in various walks of life. As a comprehensive community university with a diverse student population, we provide career programs, transfer programs, development education and lifelong learning opportunities, with a focus on excellence in all that we do.

Dr. Ravinder Kumar Jain
PH.D (Botany),M.Sc.
MGU Rwanda encourages both Faculty and students in their disciplinary as well as interdisciplinary interests. In keeping with the aim of Mahatma Gandhi University, “With the morals & ideals of heroes of past we aim to build leaders of tomorrow”, the Department takes a great deal of effort in honing the mental faculties of the students by creating an environment that consists of a balance between extra-curricular activities and education. Scholars are invited from various states to deliver lectures on various modern aspects of Science and botany. Seminars are organized regularly to develop the critical and creative needs of the students.

Dr. Vinay Agrawal
PHD(Management), MBA
I proudly say this institute prepare students, who are knowledgeable, highly skilled, have good communication skills, leadership qualities and ethical with high moral values. These are the attributes of the MGU graduates. We offer students an enriching and memorable experience. A great many of our graduates have secured high powered positions nationally and overseas and comprise part of our close alumni network. For those students joining us this year, we extend a particularly warm and a hearty welcome and welcome back all our other students.

Dr. Soumyaranjan Patnaik
PHD(Merger and Acquistion), M.Phill, MBA(Finance), M.com
Our Institute endeavour to groom our students in such a way that wherever they go they make a distinctive difference and contribution to bring about an enormous transformation in the system through holistic development and transparency. All our students will get an opportunity of global exposure of business, corporate, political and economic environment spending times in different World-Class Organizations (WCO), through interactions with people of national and international stature for massive change of so-called ‘mindset’. Our dynamism of academic progress with in-built modules with world-class programme structure, teaching style based on current and modern real time experience coupled with industry and international exposure builds those magnate leaders who can influence the nation and the corporate arena.

Dr. N.K.Dutta
PHD (Law),PHD(Agriculture),LLM, LLB, M.Sc (Agriculture)
Our motto is to create and proactively generate in-depth legal knowledge in the student community so that they can transfer their knowledge acquired to the larger benefit of the society in accordance with professional ethics and values. We have proven history of success in the field of education. The Law Faculty offers a contemporary undergraduate law curriculum tailored to the global environment, and encourages student commitment to social justice and community service.

Dr. Milli Goel
PhD,MBA, MCA, PGDCA,M.A. Public Admistration
Dear students, this institution which plays an important role not only in the field of education but also to look after self-discipline and self-development. Here is a small example; there is a bank that credits your account each morning with £86,400. It carries over no balance from day to day. Every evening deletes whatever part of the balance you failed to use during the day. What would you do? Draw out ALL OF IT, of course!!!! Each of us has such a bank. Its name is TIME. Every morning, it credits you with 86,400 seconds. Therefore, Work hard and get best out of the time so as we have a reason for lifetime.

Dr. Vince Sinining
PhD in Education (Research & Development) United States,M.A. in Education,B.S. Computer Science
Mahatma Gandhi University opens doors to individuals who want to pursue their chosen careers and professional advancements. With today's technology, one can pursue his or her educational advancements wherever, whenever. I am proud to be part of our distinguished MGU Faculty, and I am honored to mentor our students in the field of research and global leadership.
Background: Vince is a professional educator (1991-2008 USA; 2009-2014 Asia; 2015-Present, RMI). He serves as a Senior Adviser on Sustainable Development to select Permanent Missions at the United Nations in New York (1996-Present). He was a Senior Fellow at the United Nations Institute for Research and Training, and a Fellow on Global Affairs at Columbia University in New York. Currently, he is the Administrator of Reimanlok, Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI); a Faculty Member at COOP International School; and an Adjunct Faculty at the College of the Marshall Islands.

Dr. Kemal Yildirim
PhD in Pol Science (Post Doc)
Congratulations on your admission to Mahatma Gandhi University Rwanda. I want to tell you how much I appreciate your presence in our Global community. Each of you brings something unique to the University that enriches all of us. Getting to know so many of you this semester, to learn from you, and to learn with you, has been a true gift and a new experience for all of us. Enjoy the break and return well rested. And please know that you will remain in our thoughts always . I am looking forward to meeting you when you arrive in the Campus in Rwanda and to getting to know you and learning from you during these next coming years.
Mr. Sumit Bhatt
MCA Research Project in Nano Tech/CNT Space Elevator,M.A.
Faculties in MGU have been presented with a wide variety of projects, honors’ and awards over the years. Our faculty and graduate students consistently produce high-impact research that is among the most highly cited in computer science and attracts attention far beyond the discipline. Our students, both graduate and undergraduate, excel on the national and international stages. Numerous forms of specialization exist within our undergraduate programs, as do industrial experience and research endeavor’s. Graduate students can choose from projects spanning the entire spectrum of computer science research and beyond. Our faculties are engaged in interdisciplinary research involving partnerships with colleagues across the university and beyond.

Ms. Khushboo Bobal
MGU constantly strives for excellence and growth in all the different fields of education. One such field is IT. Expertise in information technology is the need of the hour. Information Technology programme in MGU provides best knowledge and updated learning to the students. With the help of ongoing research undertaken by the IT Faculties, MGU delivers best IT learning experience provides flexibility to the learner to continue with their studies without compromising on quality of education and course content. At MGU, IT Programmer are aimed at high level of ‘industry readiness’ to the students and helps to address the needs of the IT industry.

Ms. Monika Saxena,
MGU strives to produce competent software and hardware engineers who could meet the market demand of IT sector. With my experience of teaching in MGU, the department of Information technology with its expertise faculties have taken initiatives to give updated knowledge and skills of IT to the students. Faculties are themselves engaged with the research work in IT and in Live projects and always inspire the students and give them opportunities to work on it. Guidance by the faculties to the students will help the students to prepare better career prospects.

Ms. Shruti Thurkal
M.Tech (CS),B.Tech (CS)
It is our responsibility to nurture and train the students for the aspiring future. We provides a supportive, vibrant, and collegiate environment, rich in diversity, promoting a high performance culture for students and staff, and is widely perceived as an appealing place to work and study. In addition to academic excellence, we also believe that we can offer the students a very special experience.

Ms. Nadita Hazarika Das
We in Student Services work hard to offer our students opportunities to expand their learning experience beyond the classroom, provide our students with all sorts of ways to explore their interests and passions, support our students with guidance and advice on academic and other issues, and to make living and learning as warm, smooth, supportive, and fun as possible.

Bachelors (BA) in Law, MBA, MA- Business Law
Today, there is great pressure for getting a standard University among at Regional level. Regardless of whether you are a scientist or sociologist, an economist or a lawyer it is your ideas that matter, not who you are or where you came from. You will find your place at Mahatma Gandhi, Honest, respectful, no-holds-barred debate about ideas will be nourished and protected at all cost. The more you learn about us, the more you will want to be part of this uniquely exciting community. I confirm it as a member of Lecturers team and also as one who is doing my PHD at the same University. MGU is the best.MGU trains students to think analytically, carefully, and thoughtfully and we do that better than any other school. But particularly given the changes buffeting the legal market, we also give serious attention to skills training--the activities that professionals engage in every day of their life.

Mr. Safari Valens
PhD (Ongoing), MBA (Finance and Accounting), BBA (Finance), PGDEducation
Motivated by willingness and zeal to learn are those students, we help to perform, to tap their untapped potentials, and contribute to their growth. Education is not preparation for life, education is life itself. In this perspective, we are eager to equip students with critical thinking, life skills and unequaled managerial and entrepreneurship skills for their future endeavor. In my opinion this reflective interest in students’ consciousness in recognizing the importance of education in man’s life, a consciousness which is very critical for the progress of the self and the society matches our constant commitment to serve them so that in turn they serve the society. As a comprehensive community development driven university with a diverse student population, We offer students modern and contemporary, technological, scientific, business and management courses which are critical to an integrated understanding of the world of business, commerce and industry, development education and lifelong learning opportunities, by exposing them to the latest thinking in different domains with a focus on excellence in all that we do.

Students’ academic department of Mahatma Gandhi University Rwanda, we welcome new students and congratulate the students already registered in Mahatma Gandhi University Rwanda. The secret in education lies in respecting the students’ expectations in our services. Altogether, let us think of education as the means of developing our greatest abilities, because in each of us there is a private hope and dream which, fulfilled, can be translated into benefit for everyone and greater strength for our nation. It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.

BAEC (Bachelor degree in Economics money and Banking), MAEC (Masters in Applied Economics)
Feeling appreciated is one of the most important needs that people have, When you share with someone your appreciation and gratitude, they will not forget you, appreciation will return to you many times. We appreciate Mahatma Gandhi University operate in our country. This positive momentum will helps to bring out the best in individuals and will help Rwandans to achieve as much as possible while here. We wish all our students and everyone to extract as much knowledge and as many skills as they can from our programs and to leave themselves well-prepared and motivated to achieve real success in their chosen career. We all know that MGU is International’s university, and we wish to see our society grow and prosper, driven by the knowledge, vision, and entrepreneurialism of Mahatma Gandhi University Rwanda.